Sunday, October 28, 2018

Rocky Statue Defiled by Performance Art

As a part of Les Zazous' exhibit "Here's To Hollywood," Troy Davis did performance art with the Rocky statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art to spank notorious chickenhawk Sylvester Stallone. The work is titled "Chickenhawk X-Ray Spex"

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Les Zazous Art Giveaway Outside WeBanco Arena of Trump Rally 9/29/18

Les Zazous' Troy Davis gave out signed and numbered art prints to those waiting in line to see Doanld Trump as well as to the many anti-Trump protesters. Troy also did performance art with the statue of acclaimed labor leader Walter Reuther. Some of the prints include "Greetings from Wheeling: Birthplace of McCarthyism" Wheeling joe McCarthy Postmodern art appropriation

Another work given away at the Donald Trump rally in Wheeling West Virginia is a faux political ad promoting CultJam's film Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story
Phony political sign postmodern art
Another signed and numbered print given out at the Wheeling West Virginia Trump rally to Trumpists and protesters is the faux political ad titled "Les Zazous for County Commissar" art parody campaign sign pastiche
Also given out at the Wheeling, West Virginia Trump Rally at WesBanco is a print of a work that is part of Les Zazous' exhibit "Here's To Hollywood" titled "Xi Jinping Seal of Approval: Detourned Krusty the Clown SofA"

s xi jinping winnie the pooh #Tankmanrock
Finally, Troy did some performance art with the nearby statue of the legendary labor leader and Wheeling native Walter Reuther. The statue is about 20 yards away from WesBanco Arena and it was cordoned off during the rally; that was unfortunate because Trump and many of his followers could have benefited from seeing an inspirational hero like Reuther. Troy's performance art reflects this disappointment: Walter Reuther statue performance art

This Twitter thread has more info about the art giveaway.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Forthcoming Performance Art in Wheeling for Trump Visit

Troy Davis writes: I've prepared some performance art to commemorate Donald Trump's visit to Wheeling. It involves the Walter Reuther statue just a few feet away from WeBanco Arena, the site of Trump's speech. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Baby Boomer Safe Space: Work for Hollywood Exhibit at Les Zazous Gallery

Another of the works for Les Zazous' "Here's To Hollywood" exhibit takes on the Hollywood right. Noted talk radio host and war hawk Dennis Prager has his stuffed shirt in this detourned poster for his forthcoming film No Safe Spaces.
No Safe Spaces Movie Poster Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager No Safe Spaces art

Friday, September 7, 2018

Piece from the "Here's To Hollywood" exhibit at Les Zazous: "Legendary Pablum"

"Legendary Pablum" by Troy Davis is a mixed media sculpture and mashup between the old baby food Pablum and Legendary Entertainment, a subsidiary of  Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda. The not-so-subtle message is that Legendary Entertainment churns out heavily censored and mindless diversionary entertainment (i.e., pabulum).  The work includes another work from the "Here's To Hollywood" exhibit: "The Xi Jinping Seal of Approval: Detourned Krusty The Clown SofA" as well as the logo for the Chinese censorship agency SARFT.
dalian wanda legendary entertainment pablum

pablum sarft zazous dalian wanda logo

Artwork "Hashtag: TankManRocks" and The Tankman Challenge #TankManRocks

The Artwork "Hashtag: TankManRocks" by Troy Davis is part of the "Here's To Hollywood" exhibit at Les Zazous Postmodern Art Gallery. It celebrates Tank Man, the hero of the Tienanmen Square pro-democracy protests of 1989. Les Zazous is proud to announce "The Tankman Challenge." Any filmmaker who vows to include the work in his or her film will receive a free signed and numbered print of the work.


Work in the "Here's to Hollywood" Exhibit: Xi Jinping Seal of Approval

This work is titled "Xi Jinping Seal of Approval: Detourned Krusty the Clown SofA." This work is a bitter indictment of the constipated Chinese dictator encroaching on the American film industry.

Rocky Statue Defiled by Performance Art

As a part of Les Zazous' exhibit "Here's To Hollywood," Troy Davis did performance art with the Rocky statue outside the ...